Time for Red Sox to Man Up

(Pictured: Pedro Martinez throws Joba's father out of wheel chair.)

4.5 games out and flying into Yankee Stadium one last time, its really becoming time for the Red Sox to man up. While playing relatively well over the past month, the Rays, Twins, and White Sox have been hauling ass and show absolutely no sign they will slow down. Going into NY seems like a big series, but really the Sox should own NY. This is an NY team that lost Wang, Joba, and their dignity half way through the season.

What's hurting the Sox however is the loss of Drew, Lowell, Aardsma, and Beckett. But luckily Lugo is still hurt and the Red Sox are likely to lie to him about the results of his MRI than let him back out on the field in September.

The pitching match up is as the following:

Wakefield vs. Pettitte
Depends on what Wakefield shows up fresh of the DL. I predict a loss.

Byrd vs. Ponson
Wow battle of the scrubs. I'll take Sox because I never bet on Ponson. Ever.

Lester vs. Pussina
Even though Pussina is having hell of a year, I don't trust his old ass. I'll go with Lester on this one, he's pissed after fucking up last outing.

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